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Jack M. Gindi MD, FACP, DABMA

“The superior doctor prevents sickness; the mediocre doctor attends the impending sickness; the inferior doctor treats the actual sickness.” Chinese Proverb

My unwavering goal as a health care practitioner and healer is to nurture optimal health and quality of life for each person who walks into my office and allows me the great privilege and awesome responsibility of being his or her doctor. To that end, I believe strongly in the concepts of preventive health and integrative medicine.

Unfortunately, in our modern, high tech, high patient volume health care system it is much more convenient and time efficient to reflexively prescribe a medication for a symptom or medical condition than to delve into the underlying root causes behind these symptoms and conditions. Getting to the root of an illness or illness predisposition requires a deeper understanding of each patient’s social, constitutional, environmental, and genetic factors that make up his or her unique mind body spirit balance.

To optimally evaluate and treat each patient, I believe a practitioner must be open minded to all medical modalities that could be of benefit, often blending the best of multiple medical systems. Bringing an integrative medicine approach to patient care gives us many more options for successful treatment and a much richer multidimensional ability to achieve the highest level of health and well-being.

To practice integrative medicine well, my great challenge is to remain updated and optimally trained in the most effective diagnostic and treatment methods available in both western and eastern medicine.

Fortunately, this ongoing quest for knowledge and expertise also happens to be my passion. In addition to an insatiable appetite for mastering the latest clinical studies, I travel the country attending cutting edge medical conferences and patient care based workshops. My patients know that I travel to these diverse locales not just to run distance races in eclectic settings for my own mind body spirit health, but especially to bring back the best of what is on the horizon.

In these and many other ways, I strive to be that “superior doctor” practicing state of the art preventive and integrative medicine tailored to each patient’s unique health care needs.

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